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Top 5 Popular Uprising Mobile Apps

There are about three million mobile apps in the Google Play Store. Just by thinking about the numbers anyone can easily guess that most of them are meant to spoil your time, so what do you do to find the necessary mobile apps?

You don't worry about that. We’re here for you. No matter from which section of Play Store they came from, they all keep at least one thing common, if they are good they deserve a place in your phone.
Here is list of Top 5 popular uprising mobile apps.

1.    Entertainment Mobile Apps

In the present world, entertainment has become one of the most important necessities in each and everyone’s life. Being a human we always need more and more, more money, more fun, and more entertainment. To get some relief from busy and stressed life we need entertainment and that we can get in unlimited ways. To be entertained in ultimate ways – today we have some cool apps to entertain us, via its modern addictive entertainment mobile apps like:

         ·       YouTube
As we all know about this one of the most amazing mobile apps so YouTube needs no introduction. Individuals worldwide have appreciated Google for this video sharing site. Along with providing fun and entertainment here you can also watch the hottest music videos or videos that are trending in different categories like Sports, Movies, Games and what not.
Simply tap or swipe to switch between suggested videos and videos of your subscribed channels. You can subscribe to your most loved channels, make playlists, alter and upload video recordings, communicate with remarks or offers, cast a video to your television, and all from inside the application.
2.    Social Media Mobile Apps

Today’s social media apps are some of the most addictive types of mobile apps available in the app stores. Social media apps are known to be fun, fast, and social networking platforms for the modern communicative world. Today it is not only about keeping track of people you know, but is becoming a huge part of business. Create a nice profile for yourself and you can become more appealing to employers or potential clients. Connect and network with people in your industry, or just make a few friends. Either way, social media is a great way to stay engaged in an online community.
       ·       Facebook

Facebook is one of the most used, loved and engaging social media app. It is the best app in this category because it is the easiest social media network. Here you can create your profile along with your best posed pic and you can also add brief information about yourself. Follow friends and check in on how they are doing by writing a short status on their wall or sending a message. 

Here you can also find articles or videos which you may like and that’s not enough you can also share that on your profile also and anyone that follows you can watch and comment on it. If you are running a business, it’s a boon for you as you can create a page describing what you do and share it with people you know. When they like what they see, they will send it along to other people.

3.    Sports Mobile Apps

The sports world is extremely large and diverse. Like a sports app designed to serve every aspect of game fans' activities. Like that only the bookies go hand in hand with technological progress, constantly improving their services. Previously, there was betting done physically with hard cash and if you don’t know the place of betting then you can’t. But after the bookies started to take bets on the phone the scenario has changed a little bit. In years behind us, betting lovers from UK had to go to out of their homes to place a bet. But today in the world of technology there is nothing you can’t do on your phone. Yes, you can bet on your favorite team or player with just one click on your phone’s betting mobile apps. For example, people in UK like to use reputable online sites and their mobile apps so they can do betting on those. Now no worries of going to the betting places with just one click on betting app you can earn money online.

4.    Travel Mobile Apps

People with frequent traveling lifestyle also need beautiful mobile apps that people find helpful to discover the next new thing, find themselves, what they like, what they dislike, and where they’re truly heading next. These type of apps can do flight, bus, train and hotels booking for you. As we all know that GPS, Maps & Social Traffic Navigation are already there for great travel guidance across townor across the country.

         ·       Cleartrip

Cleartrip is one of the most essential apps for travelers to book, hotels and trains. And as you can see its success today is touching the heights of the sky. Today there are more than 10 million users worldwide. But there are still areas it doesn't support, so make sure to double check to make sure you're in a supported location.

Presently, with the capacity to store card data securely, you can purchase air tickets in just one click, that means you can look through the arrangements & deals and purchase tickets - everything inside 60 seconds. Cleartrip can also do the best bargains for you on hotel rooms in over 15,000 cities worldwide, as well.

5.    Health Mobile Apps

In the present scenario, everyone wants to be fit. For those who want to be fit, we have an app for those persons also.

             ·       Fitbit

Fitbit is still No. 1, even if its stock price doesn't show it. As in the list of all fitness-tracking device's app remains no. 1 in the health category among free downloads. And this app also collected a lot of insightsby its own count, 90 billion hours of heart-rate data, 5.4 billion nights of sleep, 85 trillion steps and167 billion minutes of exercise. 
In its most recent results for the third quarter of 2017, Fitbit reported sales of 3.6 million devices. While that level of device sales explains why it remains no. 1 on both Apple and Android app stores. The Ionic smartwatch of the Fitbit that doubles the accuracy of the fitness tracker, faces the daunting task of beating out the Apple Watch.

So friends, today I have told you about the Top 5 popular uprising mobile apps. I hope you guys liked this article. And if you have any other information related to it, then please share it with us. Your valuable feedback shall be much appreciated. Stay tuned for information about such interesting topics and keep reading our articles. Subscribe our blog for getting updates directly in your inbox.

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