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Contacts Backup Through Sync. In Google Contacts

Backup Your Contacts In Google Contacts

This is necessary to do a contacts backup as well as your applications and data if you are going to perform a factory reset on your Android phone. It's likewise a smart thought to check this at regular intervals. Android phones ordinarily backup your contacts through sync. in Google contacts consequently. Yet this component can stop working in conditions such as if you have turned off sync. or due to some bugs which oppose its frequency to back up. 

 Contacts backup through google contacts

Confirming that your contacts backup is done into your Google contacts record will furnish you with additional security when performing your contacts backup, just on the off chance that your phone ever gets lost, stolen, broken, or simply breakdowns.

Uploading phone contacts from your device to Google Contacts 

In most of the Android devices, your contacts backup is automatically synced with your Gmail account which you have entered when you first turn on your phone and sign into a Google Account.

So firstly, you just make sure to add your Google Account to your Android device and remember that account for future use. 

Are you now able to see contacts backup which you have saved on your mobile phone in your Google contacts? 

 Contacts backup through google contacts

If not, then let's take another step to make sure that you have set to sync your Contacts backup to your Gmail account and not your phone.

  1. First, make sure that you have entered your Gmail account on your device.
  2. Now Go to Settings, then go to ‘Accounts and then Sync button.
  3. Enable the Accounts and syncing service.
  4. Select your Gmail account which you want to use for your contacts backup from the e-mail accounts setup.
  5. Make sure that you have enabled the ‘Sync Contacts’ option on your phone.
  6. Press the ‘Sync now’ button and wait for some time while all of your phone contacts have been successfully synchronized with your gmail account.

Export Phone Numbers In Google contacts

 contacts backup through google contacts

   1. First, you have to Synced your Android phone to your Gmail account.    
   2. Now go to a compute, open up your web browser and type into the address bar.
   3. Log in to your Gmail account which you have used to sync your phone contacts in your phone by typing your Gmail account into the Email field and then enter your password that you chose when you first setup your Gmail account.
   4. If you don’t remember your password then just click on the Can't access your account? Link and enter new password by verifying through different methods.
   5. You can actually click this option if you don’t know your password, username, or for other issues.
   6. After successfully login you can see your contacts here
   7. Export all of them or you can select the number of contacts you want to export.

Note: If you’re not sure what your Gmail account actually is then you can check it into your phone.

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