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Convert Web Page to PDF Without Using Any Software

One of the best way to save any web page is to save it as a PDF file. By using this way you would have a single file for the thousand of web page and moreover it is easy and convenient to open a PDF file from any computer without changing format. As like many other facilities provided by Google, Google chrome one of the best and most used browser all over the world provides a "Save as PDF" option in its print menu. This option allows you to save web page to PDF files easily.
 convert web page to pdf

Here's a simple trick by using it you can save web page to PDF files directly from your chrome browser.
1. Open your Google Chrome browser and open that web page which you wish to save as PDF file.
2. Now in Google Chrome you can see 3 Dots just below the close button which are used to open settings and customize your chrome browser.
 Convert web page to pdf
3. Now in this menu click on Print command or you can simply use the shortcut of printing Ctrl+P. 
 convert web page to pdf

4. Now a printing window will appear and here you can see the heading Destination. Now click on change.
 convert web page to pdf

5. Now this will bring you to a Select a Destination Under Local Destinations. Here you can see an option to save as PDF. Select this option. This will show a preview of your web pages and allows you to select the no. of pages for your pdf. You can also save this PDF file to your Google drive for sharing with different persons.
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 convert web page to pdf

6. You can also change Margins, Scale, Paper size, etc by clicking on more settings options.
 convert web page to pdf

7.  After all the required changes you want in your PDF file just hit the save button.
 convert web page to pdf

8. Congrats, now you have saved your web page to PDF file in your PC. The name of the file will be the title of the web page.
9. After converting a web page to PDF you saved your PDF file in Google Drive then it would be good idea to double check by login to Google Drive as Chrome doesn't show a "Saved" message. Now you can use this trick to save almost anything that can be opened using a browser including pictures, tutorials, email and more.

So friends, today I have discussed about converting web page to PDF using chrome. I hope you guys liked this article. And if you have any other information related to it, then please share it with us. Your valuable feedback shall be much appreciated. Stay tuned for information about such interesting topics and keep reading our articles. Subscribe our blog for getting updates directly in your inbox.

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