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Android File Transfer App For Phone Cloning

Moving up to another Android phone is a quite amazing experience. It brings the delight of utilizing new equipment, getting acclimated to another UI, and in addition, experimenting with another arrangement of specs. However, android file transfer from the old android phone to its successor can be a remarkable thing – particularly if this is your first time. 

Well, as we are going to experience the easiest, quickest and the budget-friendly options available that ensure a peace-minded transfer.
 Android file transfer

Access to a PC won't be essential, however, your old cell phone must have the capacity to interface with the web by means of WiFi, or have an appropriate working USB import.

Naturally, however, a few people won't not feel totally great with the Google gateway. For these people, we examined the Play Store and discovered third-party android file transfer applications that can do your work equally well.

We will tell you about 3 android file transfer apps in this article, and you can jump directly below using these links:

# Copy My Data (Android File Transfer App)

Copy My Data is one of the simplest, easiest and most straight-forward data transferring app of all that we tested. This app is totally free.

 android file transfer

This app actually allows you to transfer contacts, calendar info, photos, and videos. It takes a few minutes for the process to be completed – it depends on the size of the data one is transferring.

 Procedure For Android File Transfer

1. Download and open the app on both the devices and connect them to the same WiFi.
2. From your new phone, tap on the “To or from another device over WiFi” and then wait for few seconds to detect the other handset.
3. Once it does, click on the device’s name and then hit “Copy data from selected device”.
4. A security PIN will then show up on the old device. Enter the 4-digit PIN on the new device and you’ll be good to go.

§  No in-app purchases
§  Quick
§  User friendly

§  Limited amount of transferring options
§  It doesn’t allow the user to select specific items. Instead, it transfers all the data from each category.

Send Anywhere (Android File Transfer App)

Send Anywhere has gained a good reputation in a short period of time for its user-friendliness and reliability. Unlike Copy my Data, Send Anywhere allows the individual to select favorite items from each data category. 
It also offers a wider range of data types that can be transferred; including audio, apps, and document file format such as PDF, doc, etc.

 android file transfer

You can also upload files to Send Anywhere’s website from your app and download them later on. After uploading the files, the app generates a download-link that will expire after 48 hours.

Apart from this, it is worth noting that anywhere send serves as a file management tool, so that you can delete, move, and copy files.

 Procedure For Android File Transfer

1. The transferring process is almost similar to that used in Copy My Data.
2. Pick the files you want to send from the old phone to the new one.
3. Here the code is of 6 digits, enter that code on the new phone and the rest is history.

§  Free of cost
§  Lot of options to transfer or manage your files
§  WiFi Direct is available

§  Unsupported transfer of SMS, MMS, phone call log 
§  Requires Android 4.0.3 and up.

Clone It (Android File Transfer App)

Clone It has been around for quite a long time and is as easy to use like other two applications. While the current version (2.0.18_ww) of clone It has been reported to come with some bugs, Clone It allows SMS, MMS and Calls Log data transfer, these three data are not usually supported by most of the data transferring apps. You can also move some of your system’s settings.

 android file transfer

As aforementioned, many users have pointed out several bugs with the latest version. As many users have reported that the app kept turning off the WiFi on the sender, which makes it impossible to complete the transfer. 
The company has acknowledged the existence of such bugs and says it will be releasing an update soon.

 Procedure For Android File Transfer

1. Transfering is as simple as other two apps.
2. Select receiver on the new phone and sender on the old one and then pair the devices
3. Make sure both are connected to the same WiFi.
4. You can send all files of each category or you can select individual data category by clicking on its respective icon to move specific items.
5. After you have done all your settings just click on start button.

§  Free of cost 
§  User-friendly User Interface
§  Covers most types of data

§  Too many ads
§  Current version has some very frustrating bugs

I hope you all preferred this article and you get a thought of best and suitable application for android file transfer application for your phone. What's more, in the event that you need some other data identified with it, at that point please don't hesitate to reach us. Your important input should be quite valued. Stay tuned for data about such a fascinating subject and continue perusing our articles.

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