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You’ll Surely Want Government Job After Reading These Government Employee Benefits

Government Job, without any doubt these are the two most favorite words of every Indian parent. No one can say that Government Jobs come with less facilities and offers than private companies provide. And if you're an individual who likes to own a private life after work, then there is no reason why a government job should not be your priority.

As our oldsters say, not like most of the privately-run corporations that have high attrition rates, government jobs are somehow more relaxed without the sword of job insecurity hanging on top of your head.

Here are some of government employee benefits which may simply make you want to apply for one.

 government employee benefits

1.  No staying on office chairs more than 8 hour

Unlike different private corporate where individuals check and reply to mails even after operating hours, a government worker is far-far away from work once punching out. This is one of the well known government employee benefits. In fact there are projects and deadlines to fulfill however they undoubtedly do not get stinkers at odd hours and infrequently do they have to work beyond workplace timings. 

2.  Government organizations offer packages just as good as MNCs.

One might argue that there is not a lot of increment in the earnings of a government worker as compared to a private worker, however if you investigate the incentives and pay commissions that are being introduced periodically, the earnings in a government job is not dismal in any respect. In fact, Some government-owned corporations like Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL), Coal India limited (CIL) and many more rent engineering graduates at a profitable package of 10 lakh per annum and higher than. With residential accommodation and different incentives, it makes for a powerful deal altogether.

3.  Not only highly paid, also a highly reputed job, especially if you're presenting your country in foreign.

Imagine living outside in a foreign country on the government's expenses! certain government jobs entail foreign postings and you'll be able to be rest assured to receive a fantabulous treatment. For example, some of the posts within the Ministry of External Affairs are provided with foreign postings, just like the Assistant General in the External Affairs Ministry gets a posting in different countries. They’re allowed to carry their own car or bike wherever they're posted and might additionally carry a baggage of up to 1,400 kg with them. Yes. you read right,1400 kg.

4.  Enjoy half Saturday and all govt. declared holidays

The Government of India is generous with holidays thus you do not need to crib about leaves and be apprehensive about them getting approved. The numbers of fixed holidays in a year are quite enough to set up any dream vacation. This is one among the government employee benefits. There are fixed thirty earned leaves in addition casual leaves and one hundred eighty days of maternity leaves and medical leaves additionally. Not only this, there are different completely different facilities like in C-DOT, the outstation staff receive full air-fare to go to their home city every once a year.
Similarly, the reserve bank of India offers its staff a yearly leave for holidaying any place in India. To top it all, the govt. organizations even have a provision of sabbatical leave just in case you would like to go for higher studies. Currently which private job provides that?


5.  Fully covered medical expenses.

Free medical facilities are one amongst the best government employee benefits. Whereas it depends from company to company, the medical expenses of all government staff are usually always totally covered. A PSU staff for example receives complete compensation of medical expenses and free checkups in government-enlisted hospitals.

6.  Don't look for a house because govt. jobs provide an accommodation as well

While each government employee benefits by getting house rent allowance, depend on their position, individuals graded higher in posts are given a well-maintained residential accommodation. The size of the house gets larger for government officers posted in rural settings, with front lawns and backyards. The IAS officers are given government homes, home facilitate and security guards. Similarly, the reserve bank of India additionally provides housing facility to its staff where they're posted.

7.  Continuous Source of income even after retirement.

Govt. is providing a National Pension Scheme as a free retirement plan for government employees to ensure a continuous source of income even after their retirement. The employees have to choose among the three types of schemes available to manage their pension wealth

8.  Easy loans at lowest interest rate and many different benefits

Indian government employee benefits like free electricity, free telephone service, and a government vehicle. PSUs like NTPC (National Thermal Power Corporation Limited) and PFC (Power Finance Corporation) offer home equity loan up to 20 lakh and automobile loans between 3-6 lakh at nominal rates. People who are employed with the central bank of India, RBI, will get scholarships and academic loans up to 20 lakh for his or her kids at subsidized rates.

With all these advantages, a government job does not look like a bad plan at all, does it? So friends, today I have told you about Government Employee Benefits. I hope you guys liked this article. And if you have any other information related to it, then please share it with us. Your valuable feedback shall be much appreciated. Stay tuned for information about such an interesting subject and keep reading our articles.

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