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Taekwondo belts | Taekwondo belts order | Taekwondo belts rank

Taekwondo is an ancient Korean self-defense practice which was used by the Korean persons. Later on, it became popular and has been selected an Olympic event since 2000. Taekwondo is characterized by its stress on jumping, head-height kicks and spinning kicks, and quick kicking techniques.

The concept of Taekwondo belts and rank is probably one that most confusing thing for people. In taekwondo, a belt shows a member's established level of competence and the progression of colors reflects an inner journey that never actually ends. Each belt achieved is truly an accomplishment worthy of respect.

Achieving taekwondo belts is not only a matter of "spending enough time" in a previous belt. To achieve successive color belt or rank, a student should show their efficiency in their current belt's techniques, to include Basic Moves, Sparring, and Forms.

In this article, we will let you know the Taekwondo belts rank as well as Taekwondo belts order.

White Belt


There is no belt test required for the white belt, beginners need this belt to show their interest in this field.

White belt with yellow stripes


To move to the next color of the belt or to the next rank, one has to achieve the white belt with yellow stripes. The belt test needs the individual to clear a preset pattern, and one also needs to go through the one-step sparring and three-step process with another self-defense practitioner also has to show his capability to defend himself against different holds. It normally takes around 2-3 months to proceed to the white belt with the yellow stripe.

Yellow Belt


The test for up gradation to a yellow belt is just similar to the test explained above, but with a different pattern, and the breaking of boards is done with both hands and feet. It takes approximately 2-3 months of training before giving the test for up gradation.

Yellow with green stripe belt


From yellow belt, you can go to the yellow with green stripe belt. Although all the belt tests are mostly the same, the test from yellow to yellow with green stripes requires an individual to go through a different pattern from the previous tests, they have to break a two-inch board using their hand and one-inch board by their feet.  Additionally, one-step sparring is also required for the test.

Green Belt


From yellow belt with green stripes to green belt, the individual should perform a test with a different pattern, along with a one-step spar and freestyle spar. In addition, and he also has to break a two-inch boards with his hands and feet, and he also has to demonstrate an ability to defend himself.

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Green with blue stripes belt


To earn the green belt with blue stripes, player must practice a different pattern, and defend himself against both holds and clubs. In addition, the player has to break a two-inch board using his hands and one-inch boards with a jump kick. Along with these tests, he has to perform the one-step sparring as well as free sparring. The up gradation from green to green with stripes approximately requires around 4 months of training before giving a test.

Blue Belt


The belt test to grab the blue belt is nearly like that of the green with blue stripes, except for the induction of a unique pattern and also a two-step sparring. Besides that, one must show the breaking of a two-inch board with a punch and one-inch boards with a turning kick. All of this normally requires 4 months training to achieve this belt.

Blue with red stripes belt


To achieve the level of a blue belt with red stripes belt requires finesse, as the player needs to defend himself against different holds, clubs and knives and also multiple unarmed opponents. Individual must show the breaking of two-inch boards using a punch and a turning kick. It requires 5 months of continues practice from blue belt to achieve this.

Red Belt


Along with the certain predefined pattern, the tests for the up gradation of the red belt only changes the two-step sparring along with multiple free sparring. He also has to break a three-inch board with any of the kick, while other predefined patterns of the test remain the same.

Red and black stripe belt


From red belt, there is an up gradation to the red belt with black stripe. The test is almost similar to the red belt, except with a different pattern and the test needs to break two boards of three-inch. It takes approximately 5 months to train for this test.

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Black Belt


The highest rank achievable or we can say a master degree of taekwondo, the black belt test needs a lot of work and efforts: one pattern, one-step sparring, two-step sparring, free sparring and multiple free sparring. The player should also be able to defend against different holds, clubs, knives and also unarmed opponents, and he also has to break two three-inch boards with any of the kick or blow. To attain this professional stage, it requires a minimum of nine months of training with full dedication and efforts after the completion of red belt test with black stripes.

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