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Famous Everyday Health Tips That Actually Don’t Work At All

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In todays scenario tips to be healthy are available freely, everywhere. Google is flooded with millions of these expert tips and everyone is freely distributing this knowledge.

But  the fact is, the chemistry that deals with the health and nutrition is very much complex. Thousands of research programmes are going on around the world just to find out what makes a human body safe and healthy. Many of these research are right for aa certain time until another research claims to dethrone and prove another one wrong.

Here are some of the popular tips which are sourced from most popular research that are totally bullshit.

  • Antioxidants are good for health

In todays world, everything comes with an antioxidant Green tea, chocolate, and even juices. Individuals even take antioxidant pills to kill the “oxidants” and also the “toxins” in their body.

But in reality, they do not flush out any toxins – that the job of liver rather they just help in removing oxidants or free radicals, but oxidants aren't extremely harmful to your body unless they are in large quantities.

One research on antioxidants actually proved that some of the antioxidants increase the chances of prostate cancer.

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  • Keeping food in the fridge is better than storing food outside

Keeping food in the fridge will help to decelerate the growth of  bacteria. But most of the daily need products we keep in the refrigerators are actually harmful to the food and to you.

The best example of this is bread. Once you store bread in the refrigerator at a temperature of 3 to 8 degrees, the starch which is present in the bread crystallizes, which spoils the bread 6 times more quickly. Just take a slice of bread out of your refrigerator and apply butter on it, you will notice that it starts to crumble.

Other than pieces of bread, some foods you should keep out of your fridge are potatoes, tomatoes, fruits, sauces, onions and garlic.

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  • Wash meat before cooking it

Washing eatables like fruits and vegetables before using them is always a good habit. However, meat is a different thing. Uncooked meat always contains millions of deadly bacterias like Salmonella.

When we wash chicken meat and place it on the kitchen table, you are effectively spreading Salmonella bacteria everywhere. After that, you rub your hands on the apron and then you lift the knife – and its almost everywhere.

The best solution to get away from this problem is awareness – clean your hands thoroughly just after washing the meat, and put the meat in a bowl so that you do not spread any more bacteria.

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  • Excess sugar causes diabetes

Sugar primarily is not the cause of diabetes. You suffer from diabetes when your pancreas does not produce sufficient insulin to process the sugars you consume in your diet. Sugar by itself doesn’t cause anything at all.

But if you're one amongst those people that eat lots of everything and loves the sweets, you are most likely to be obese and obesity is definitely a reason for Type 2 Diabetes. But that's because of overweight, not because of sugar.

Type 1 diabetes is simply one thing you get in your genes and sugar has nothing to do with it.

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  • Diet soda is better than regular soda

No, it's not true. Scientists have found that individuals who drank diet soda didn’t lose weight at all. The chemistry behind this is similar to that of midnight snacking. Once you suddenly stop drinking sugar and eating sweets, your body absorbs sugars from different food sources.

This is the explanation that why artificial sweetener users usually gain weight rather than losing.

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  • Alcohol is good for your heart

Alcohol will help your heart – if you are one amongst of the 15% who benefits from it. For the rest, any amount of alcohol is dangerous for your heart.

And the analysis where they said that alcohol actually adds years to your life is total a bullshit. Alcohol is dangerous for you.
Eating small meals more times helps you get thinner

The concept behind this health tip was metabolism. Researchers believe that taking many small meals can really increase your body's metabolism, and hence, end up burning more calories.

But it turns out that scientists back then didn’t really capture what metabolism meant. Researchers still don't have a confirmed proof of it, because metabolism is unique to every person.

And the persons who ate a lot of small meals ended up eating more calories than they usually did.

If you wanted a healthy body, you only have to employ simple arithmetic – burn more calories than you consume.

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  • Consuming salt causes high blood pressure

Almost every person needs salt in his food for taste, and then came this rumor wafting through the air that salt was actually causing all the high blood pressure in everyone.

All thanks to a research done by Lewis Dahl who proved the salt – high blood pressure connection by pumping salt into mice. Yes, in mice. He pumped 15,000 times the regular sodium intake of a normal human being.

Of course, that amount of salt is going to kill a mouse!

The actual reality is that science is still making an attempt to work out that is salt really increases blood pressure or not. Until then, you can enjoy salty food – no problem.

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There are a lot of shitty myths like these we need to get rid of, because they really are stupid and make you eat horrible stuff and punish your body unnecessarily.
Keep reading, we will bust some more myths in this space

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